Getting Set Up

It is the time of year when we are gradually getting the island set up for the coming field season. A number of day visits have been made by various contractors to get the old lighthouse keepers cottages in Fluke Street set up for the spring summer and autumn when the researchers and wardens live on the island. The water pipes and tanks have been cleaned through, the solar panels and generators have been checked and the heating system filled. This has meant a number of trips across in the Rib Osprey, some in sunshine but most a bit rough and splashy. The latest trip on Monday coincided with a 5.8m tide, a very high tide drawn by the big moon, and this covered our high water jetty.
The island itself seems to be gradually wakening from winter, the bleached and worn out grass showing green hints, the seabirds are returning and one or two other birds are passing through. Behind each stone wall comes a churr from a wren wintering on the island. They will soon be moving on to be replaced by the fair weather island inhabitants.

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2 Responses to Getting Set Up

  1. Nice one Dave, welcome back.


  2. And may this season be safe and rewarding for all involved.

    May the creatures guide our path.


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