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Marine Rubbish – This Is What Can Happen

A grey seal pup similar to the one caught in this incident. The last few days have seen the Isle of May in the news but not for a good reason. A very young seal pup born on Pilgrims Haven … Continue reading

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Close Down

Many apologies for the rather abrupt ceasation of blog updates but the end of our island season came a bit quicker than we expected. I ended up coming off the island in a bit of a rush and in the … Continue reading

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The Boys are back in town

First seal pup to be born on Pilgrims Haven this year, having its first meal. On Rona there are seals draped across large parts of the island. The big boys are waiting to get their beaches back. The numbers of … Continue reading

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A Shrike on the Horn

Today began with coffee out on the deck of the Principal Keepers cottage over looking Kirkhaven and the most stunning sunrise I have seen for a while. There wasn’t a breath of wind and I could hear the seals from … Continue reading

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The Lighthouse Family

Another interesting visitor came last week. David Best, American landscape photographer from Washington State visited the island to photograph it. What made the visit more special was that he was a “several greats” grandson of Lucy Anderson. For those of … Continue reading

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Interesting Carcasses

Those of us working on the Isle of May are drawn to dead birds and seals like flies to rotting meat, literally. This is not just down to a general fascination with these creatures and seeing them close up or … Continue reading

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Two Ribs plus One

Notes from the memory log of Sept. 28, 2011. Warm southerly air and brilliant sunshine was the surprise of a good part of this Scottish week. I will use the word “hot”, on the May, surrounded by cool sea. I … Continue reading

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