Living History Open Day Photos

 David and I were out  for our morning walk. As we went about the South Horn and it Pilgrims it looked perfect for an open day!

Today on the Isle of May NNR was the Living History Day, celebrating the various communities of people who have lived on the island for many hundreds of years.

Brother Baldwin made the pilgrimage out to the island and met the visitors
It was a rare opportunity to see inside the Fluke street cottages where the current community of Wardens and researchers now live

Petty Officer ‘Chalky’ Whyte was on the Quay
The May Princess, Rib Osprey and Seabird One were all full for the event 

Mark came over to do a ringing demonstration. Many people saw the Willow Warblers in the hand.

Jeremy showed the children bits of dead creatures. Telescopes were trained on the sea to watch passing wildlife.
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