Colin Murray’s retirement


For those that have made the trip to the Isle of May in the last 10 years it is highly likely that Colin Murray was the boatman who took you across. As first the skipper and owner of the May princess and then the skipper and owner of the RIB Osprey since 2004 he has ferried thousands of people across the island and all would have benefited from his top class boatmanship, his knowledge of the island and his efforts to ensure visitors had a good time. But now he has decided to hang up his sowester and put some time in on the golf course. So all who are associated with the island would like to say many thanks to Colin for all the safe passages and assistance that he has given over the years. Colin’s assessment of any trip across to the May was always worth listening to, but it sometimes took a bit of experience to translate. “Rough but do-able” meant that you were going to get wet and “a bit splashy” meant that you were going to get an absolute soaking.
To mark his retirement the Isle of May Bird Observatory gave him a lunch just before Christmas and a Keith Brockie print of puffins and the Lowlight as a thank you.
But it isn’t the last we will see of Colin. He is going to be holiday cover for the new operators of the RIB Osprey as well as carrying out maintenance of the LiDAR windspeed measuring machine on the island and making to odd fishing trip across in his own boat Merlin. We will be looking forward to seeing him out on the island in the next season.




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