Finding beach footballs


When I got out to the island last week one of first things I did was to head down to Pilgrims Haven for the first look around after the seals had left it. All the usual winter debris had been washed up including masses of plastic bottles, bicycle wheels, road signs, lobster creels, rope, timber lengths and at least 10 footballs.  I am not sure why so many footballs end up in the sea but I am sure this isn’t an indication of the current state of Scottish football.  Normally we disposed of the footballs as best we can, intact ones get reused, others binned. But this time Mark from CEH has heard of an art project that collecting beach footballs to highlight the problems caused by marine pollution so all the Isle of May footballs were sent off to the artist.  If you find any footballs on beaches then you can send then through, all the details and links are below, in a World Cup year why not send some through?



I am the photographer, Mandy Barker, internationally renowned for the project, SOUP, and am now collecting marine debris Footballs (round soccer balls) that have been found on beaches/washed up, for my next project. I am hoping to get footballs (even parts of will do) from as many different countries/beaches from around the world as possible. If you saw a football washed up and would be willing to post it on to me in the UK, telling me where you found it (and could add an emailed pic of where you found it & date) I would be extremely grateful. I will of course pay all postage costs and in return send you a postcard of the final image which will include your ball!

If you can help or know someone who could, please email me: for my postal address.

Deadline for balls collected is March 2014.

My work aims to engage the public by combining the contradiction between initial aesthetic attraction with
the message of awareness about plastic marine pollution. To view my previous images please visit

All footballs will be greatly received & thankyou for helping me to increase awareness of issue of marine pollution.

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