Well whatever next? An Egyptian goose of course.

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A day trip yesterday out to the island produced a really big surprise.

It was a long day spent on the island to get a number of things done, check fuel and water for the builders, check over the failing (again) power system and help with the carrying out of a rocky shore bird survey. The power system I got going, at least for the moment, the fuel and water levels look OK and the builders are making some progress.


The shore bird survey was hard work for few birds, the prolonged easterlies may have cleared some of the birds like the turnstones and purple sandpipers from the island with the mainland offering more sheltered feeding.

But on the way to the Lowlight to start our section counting we surprised what was a very unusual bird – an Egyptian goose! As its name suggests it is not a native species and it is often found in ornamental waterfowl collections but there is a breeding population in Norfolk. So the mystery is “is this a wild bird or an escapee?”That is for others to decide but for the time being the unusual bird just emphasizes what an amazing place the island is for springing surprises.

egyptian goose 4 egyptian goose 5

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