The building has landed

P1100230 P1100235

I made a quick visit over to the island yesterday to meet with potential contractors looking to tender for the maintenance contractor for the island. There wasn’t much time to have a proper look around but there was plenty of time to see the dramatic step forward that has happened with the development of the new visitor building.  After 7 weeks of waiting for a weather window the builders prayers were finally answered with a calm 3 days of last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  This has enabled 6 barges in to land huge amounts of material.  This includes all the walls and roof of the new building which has already been constructed in a warehouse on the mainland then dismantled and delivered to the island in kit form. At the moment it is stacked up in piles but it means that over the next 2-3 weeks we should see some rapid changes. I will keep you posted on the birth of this building.

It was just great to be back on the island even just for a short-time. There were plenty of guillemots feeding on the flattish sea on the way over. And even one or two hanging around on ledges. The fulmars were back in force as well and the island generally just had that little bit of a fizz that said that the long winter is (maybe) coming to and end and action on the cliffs will start kicking off soon.

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