Building progress


Loading up the boat in Anstruther with food and materials for the week.


A glimpse of the island on the way out.


Not too bad a day but there was quite a swell running sending spray nearly as high as the Anstruther harbour lighthouse.


A quick run out to the island as part of refueling the accommodation gave me a chance to see the progress with the visitor centre.  Slowly the timber work is starting to appear with the cantilever decking the first to be laid down.

P1100286It is the floor that is proving the challenge.  The granite setts from demolished original Victorian Northern Lighthouse Board building are being reused, but to get the smart, even lines they have to be re-sorted as they are a number of different sizes. They are then laid and the cracks fills to give an as even floor as possible (and good for salsa dancing!).  It is a nice thought that these original setts brought over to the island some 120 years ago are getting another lease of life.  It is a floor that shouldn’t wear out.



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