You too can count the birds – fancy staying at the Lowlight?


Do you know your birds? can you count? do you fancy staying a week on the Isle of May (only the best National Nature Reserve in Scotland)! Well read on.

The Isle of May Bird Observatory is the second oldest bird observatory in the UK and the longest running one. One of its purposes is to monitor bird migration on the Isle of May and this means counting birds. All of the monitoring carried out by the observatory is done by volunteers who book a week (or sometimes shorter) to come out and stay in the Lowlight cottage. You do need to know your British Birds reasonably well, be prepared to get out in all weathers looking and be the sort of people who thrives in getting away from it all. It is an intensive, memorable experience even when there are not many birds passing through and each year there are gaps in the monitoring schedule that needed to be filled.

Currently there are still the following weeks vacant.

4 different weeks empty in April and early May

3 weeks in August

3 weeks in October / early November (prime migration time!)

Plus there are one or two spare beds in another weeks.

So if you are interested go to the Isle of May Bird Observatory website and look on the How to Visit page.

Look forward to seeing you out there.



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