On the other side – The Scottish Seabird Centre


I went to the other side yesterday. Over to East Lothian on the south side of the Forth to North Berwick and the Scottish Seabird Centre.  The Seabird Centre run one of the licenced boats out to the May and the only one from the south side so as part of the preparation for the season we had a chat  how we might improve what is an already fantastic visitor experience.


It was very interesting look at the Isle of May from a very different angle, from North Berwick you are looking onto the island at right angles so see the whole length of the may with all the lumps and bumps topped by the fog horns and lighthouses. It was also  interesting to see the island from the visitors point of view, the Discovery Centre has an Isle of May zone with displays and remote control cameras fixed on Pilgrims Haven plus  a hard working team of staff and volunteers to tell you all about what you are looking at on the island. During the seabird season the cameras are focused onto the nesting shags at Pilgrims and the highs and lows of their breeding attempts are followed. last year it appears that there was a bit of shag hanky panky going on with one male involved in more than one nest.  If the same soap opera kicks off this season you can even follow it at home by going onto the Seabird Centre website and click on the webcams link below.


It isn’t as good as visiting the island but it is a whole lot more accessible.

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