Season preparations


This is a funny time for the island staff. It might seem that all we are focusing on is the visitor centre and that is taking an awful lot of our time. But we are also frantically trying to get all the winter work finished, reports written, orders for supplies put in before life changes when we head out to the island to open up for the season. It is also frustrating as I know that nature doesn’t work to the set calender dates likee us and is already starting the ball rolling for the breeding season. Seabirds across the North Sea, north Atlantic and even the the southern Atlantic are wending there way back to the island and some are already there. Some puffins are gathering, the guillemots and razorbills are grabbing nesting ledges and the gull numbers are building up each time I go out. But not being out there to see it is frustrating, it feels like the show has started without me.  But things will change shortly, I am due to spend a couple of days out therethis coming week and then the week after move back out on 31 March to get the island to receive the first visitor boat on the 3 April. So gradually the blog posts will pick up as I try to keep you up to date with how another seabird season unfolds on the May.

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