Plenty of puffins

The last couple of days have seen huge numbers of puffins on the island, literally clouds of them. The poor weather has meant that they have spent less time at sea and more time on land socialising and doing personal business like pairing up, arguing over burrows, cleaning out burrows and generally just mixing as a colony.  You can see from some of the photos that some have grubby feet from doing those minor alterations to the domestic establishment.P1100393 P1100396 P1100406 P1100408 P1100410 P1100413The easterly winds have also brought in a scattering of migrants, firstly blown of course and then grounded by the rain and fog. Yesterday the island help 20+ robins, 4 wheatears, 12 chiffchaff, 5 song thrush, 8 dunnock, a ring ouzel,  a black redstart and and stunning male stonechat.  Today this was supplemented by fieldfare and redwing, a grey wagtail and a brambling. A sign of spring migration happening that quickens the pulse.

P1100389One of the male wheatears on sentry duty around the island.

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