Braced and ready

P1100424A bit foggy this afternoon, clear by this evening.

It has been a rubbish couple of days out on the island. The weather has been pretty awful with pouring rain and a cold easterly but we have been working away and think we are ready to received our first visitors of the season tomorrow and just in time the skies are clearing.  Over the last couple of days Bex the new Isle of May Assistant Reserve Manager (more about her later) and myself have been working away stowing supplies, cleaning the old visitor centre and toilets, putting up signs and ropes,  moving building supplies while John and Scott, our new maintenance contractors have been hard at it cleaning the jetties, resupplying us with coal and diesel and most important mending the water supply to the toilets. Flushed with success they are keen to come back.


Unfortunately the builders haven’t quite finished the new visitor centre in time for the start of the season but it is very nearly there (Sunday I was told by one builder, Tuesday by another).  So for a few days the Mousehouse will continue with its job of sheltering and informing visitors as it has done for the last 16 years.


So 20 lucky people have booked on to come out tomorrow on the May princess, why not join them and kick off a new season on the Isle of May NNR.

The seals are ready.

P1100423 P1100434

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