The final push


The builders have been telling me they are on the final push for the last week but today it actually feels like it. After peaking at 15 they are down to 5 so the cottages and building site is a lot quieter. Also today the may princess took off a huge mound of rubbish and spare materials so Fluke Street looks a lot tidier. It would be nice to see more of the rubbish recycled but at least we have taken off the builders all the waste wood that will at least be put to a good cause. If we can we will make things and if we can’t then it will go up the chimney and we will still get some benefit from it.


With the clutter clearing I am only now starting to get an idea of what the building will be like when it is finished. First impressions are great but I think that the building, the setting and the impact the two together have on a person will only increase.  It has been suggested that maybe Friday will be the end of the final push and the start of the new life of the building but we will have to wait and see.  I will keep you posted.

P1100480 P1100518 P1100521 P1100524


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