Right-on picnic tables

P1100542We have some new picnic tables on the island this year to match the new visitor centre building. The old ones had been repaired so many times they were more screws and nails than wood and were prone to deposit picnicers on the ground.

The new ones are not just any picnic tables, they are right on picnic tables. They were made by the Glasgow Wood Recycling Centre, a social enterprise and charity that aims to reduce the amount of wood that goes into recycling while offering volunteer and practical training to local Glasgow people as a practical way of addressing poverty and social exclusion. Now all of that is worth supporting but actually these tables, that are made from recycled scaffolding planks, are just brilliant, the best i have seen. They are excellent timber, made of a spec. that will manage the biggest North Sea weather and beautifully put together. The only problem is that they are so solid they nearly caused a few injuries just getting them here (thanks especially to Iain and Alex for their efforts in the transport chain).  It makes me think that with a bit of thought and time there is probably more that I can do to purchase sustainable and ethically sound materials and equipment for the island. What about you?


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