Hanging over a cliff

The count of the cliff nesting is a serious business. To do the count proper you have to get into one or two what one might call airy counting positions and then there is one place where the counter needs to walk across to a separated stack and another where they have to climb down a small cliff and cross over to the Maidens to reach another counting position. So all this requires ropes, safety equipment and training. The other day Glenn and Adam came out to the island to run safety checks of all the gear and put Bex and myself through our paces. For Glenn and Adam this meant standing around taking the mickey out of us when we got things wrong (and even when we got it right) while we had to make sense of ironwear, ropes and harnesses and get into uncomfortable positions next to big drops. Bex will have to do most of the counting in airy positions but she took it all in her stride and managed all of the training calmly and effortlessly.  Counting doesn’t start till early June but the preparations have started already.
P1100549 P1100551 P1100553 P1100558 P1100570 P1100571

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