Ending the day with ghosts.

P1100768 P1100775 We have helpers out this week, six SNH colleagues from around Scotland who have volunteered to come out and help set the island up for the visitor season. The week is called ‘The Isle of May experience’ and we aim to give them a wide range of Isle of May experiences through the week, as well as work them hard.  They had a pretty rough start with an interesting and wet trip over in the RIB. We then set them to work straight away. First up was the clearing of the winter rubbish from Pilgrims Haven. P1100776 It always horrifies me the amount of rubbish that accumulates over the winter from our seas.  This is a rough list of what was collected this afternoon from a beach about 50 m long:

– 218 plastic bottles

– 6 lobster creels,

– 1 car wheel (old)

– 1 bike wheel

– 1 toilet cistern

– 1 men at work sign

– 1 fire extinguisher

– 9 tennis balls

– 7 big sacks of general plastic rubbish,

All this rubbish is a physical hazard to wildlife, only a couple of winters ago a seal pup died when trapped in a creel on Pilgrims Haven, but also more subtlety poisons the marine life living around the island. If only everyone take on the responsibility of disposing sensibility their own rubbish.

P1100782 The day ended with the telling of ghost stories up at the Beacon with light fading and fog rolling in.  There can’t be many better places to tell ghost stories in the whole of Scotland.  Sleep well. P1100792

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