Communicating with the Isle of May

The island is 6 miles out into the sea. So as you can imagine this makes communicating with us tricky at times.  As you tell from the upkeep of the blog we do have good internet connection through a microwave connection to the mainland though this is by no means completely reliable.

Mobile phones work but usually only outside and then only in certain places on the island and even that varies from day to day. So it is common to find people crouched down trying to get out of the wind to make phones.


Others show a bit more ingenuity by combining phones with the Scottish Seabird Centre camera connection to create an improvised video link.

P1100799Post also makes it’s way here, usually via the Anstruther sorting office who very kindly put our post to one side for us to pick up. A letter that turned up the other day showed that it seems we actually have a postcode out here.


But going away back things were a bit more difficult, though in many ways simpler. In the Lowlight is a framed picture with the method that the lighthouse keepers used to send urgent messages to the Mainland.  A certain agreed combination of flag and balls sent a message to the mainland where appropriate action could be taken.  The most interesting is the “send midwife immediately” message and you wonder if the message ever got through and was acted on in time? And hopefully this isn’t a message we will have to send this season!

P1100826 P1100827 P1100828 P1100829 P1100830

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