Black gold and bones

A gardening day today. Sarah and I finished setting up some 1 ton builders bags filled with soil to grow potatoes this year. Our usual veg plot is disappearing under a large water storage tank so while deciding where to put new permanent beds we decided to set up these bags. Once filled with soil we planted in some seed potatoes (Anya if you are interested) and the weather gave it a natural watering in with a light shower.

IMG_0096We also weeded and set up the fish boxes round the back of AK cottage, ready to be planted with salad and raddishes. There is garlic already coming on well that was planted back in the winter.

IMG_0099 IMG_0098 IMG_0100Lastly came the least pleasant job, the digging out of the compost heap. Any compost is like black gold out here and last autumn after some of the big gales I put a trailer load of seaweed off the beach into the heap to increase its yield. Of course on the Isle of May nothing is straight forward and the digging out was complicated by the large number of seabird skeletons that we found in it. I do wish the bird researchers would put the dead birds that they have gathered up for measurements and samples somewhere else.  Still maybe it will make the raddishes and potatoes grow better.  And we found a spoon thrown out last season in the compost by mistake that will go back in the cutlery draw!


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