The day today on the May.

A few pictures to give you an idea of today on the May.

Firstly the seabirds on the cliffs are just spectacular. The stunning views of cliffs like Greenface or Bishops with the seabird cities populating them is a sight that is breathtaking.

IMG_0209 A good number of visitors was lucky enough to have their breath taken today. with the may princess and the Seabird 1 in. P1110169A thunder storm a couple of days ago has jump started the kittiwakes, or at least some of them, to start collecting mud and grass to make their nests.  Some go for a modern bright green algae design, others for the traditional grass and a bit of mud crafted look. kitti bishops P1110162 P1110129The terns are busy getting established around Kirkhaven and up at the Beacon. Several pairs are already showing interest in the new visitor centre (coal shed) roof, while others getting into squabbles and some get down to the serious business of mating.

IMG_0303 IMG_0291 terns mating

The flower show just improves from day to day.  More and more thirft is coming out every day giving the whole island an extensive garden feel that no person could ever have designed.

IMG_0124 Most female eiders are now on nests and looking beautiful snuggled down in amongst the sea campion. IMG_0173
This is one cool island to spend a day let alone a whole season.

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