Practical Tuesdays

There is a lot entailed in running and working on an island in the middle of the sea, from maintaining boardwalks and building to counting all the seabirds and today we have been doing both. Since Tuesdays are free from boats and visitors we use this time to catch up on practical jobs.


Happily painting away!

Sarah has had her paint brush out yet again and has been busy re-painting the small sections of boardwalk that are around the island, this free day gives them plenty of time to dry. She has created new labels for the touch table to go with the new visitor centre.

I have been walking to island tops in search of Eiders! It was my task to find and mark 100 Eider nests with numbered canes, easier said than done as these females can be very camouflaged and hidden beside rocks and under leaves. These 100 nests are our sample of the population here on the May and during our population counts we can use this sample to see how accurate our counting is! We will also re-visit these nests in a few weeks to see how the season has gone; we can see if any nests have been predated and how many chicks have hatched. We will bring you news of their success later in the season!


One of many to be counted!

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