Some lovely, interrupting birds

We have had easterly winds for a few days now and this is causing grave disruptions to our important monitoring work. After the red-backed shrike three days ago the gull counting was again interrupted a couple of days ago by a red-breasted flycatcher caught in the Lowlight bushes.

P1110213Yesterday we were able to knuckled down but today this went right out the window.

Firstly, on an early wander around by myself trying to assess weather and the state of the harbour for boats, I found a very smart pink common rosefinch in the top garden. Though actually only a bird hatched from last year it had lots of colour and was later caught and rung. rosefinch 2P1110327


Then on my way back to tell everyone about the rosefinch I found an icterine warbler in the low trap. This smart little yellowish warbler actually did a little burst of song to give its position away. This bird was also quickly caught and rung. P1110286

So there I was trying to get equipment, forms and personnel organised for gull counting when the bird obs guys turned up with another just fabulous bird…a hawfinch. Only the 7th record for the May this is a huge great thumper of a finch. Bex got to ring it and the main consideration is to do it very carefully, if that great beak gets hold of your fingers you might never play the guitar again. Of course a bird like this gets quite a lot of interest and a crowd quickly gathered. And we finally started gull counting only for it to start raining and we had to stop.The weather looks good for interesting birds tomorrow but bad for getting work done.


Measuring the wing length of the hawfinch when ringing it

P1110305P1110317 P1110300 P1110315 P1110311P1110292

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