Presenting the island

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Photo by David Best

Today is an important anniversary today in the history of the island, it is 25 years to the day since the ownership of the Isle of May passed from the Northern Lighthouse Board (who had had it for about 130 years) to what was the Nature Conservancy Council and now is Scottish Natural Heritage.

Ian Darling, current Chairman of the Isle of May Bird Observatory witnessed the event and noted in the observatory log the following record of the event:

“On the 2nd June the transfer of the island from the Northern Lighthouse Board to the N.C.C. was formalised when representatives of the Northern Lighthouse Board presented the island to the Nature Conservancy Council. A simple ceremony took place, attended by Sir Frederick O’Brian and Sherriff Principal R. R. Taylor representing the Northern Lighthouse Board and Alexander Trotter and Dr. John Francis representing the Nature Conservancy Council. Also present were Lord James Douglas Hamilton together with approximately 50 guests, the majority of whom had made the trip over from Anstruther. I was privileged to join the guests who were taken to the May from Leith on the ‘Pharos’ which sailed to the island and thereafter on to North Berwick.”

Quite how you present the island I am not sure but however it was done it worked and Scottish Natural Heritage have been managing the island as a National Nature Reserve since. P1050236 P1050275

Many thanks to David Thorne of the Isle of May Bird Observatory committee,  for bringing this to my attention and providing me with the quote.

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