The season is moving on.

The season is moving on and I don’t know where the time goes. Around us there are signs of the season moving on. Most of “our” eiders that nest around the cottages have hatched their clutches and moved off.  This nest has been right next to the track in front of PK cottage and passed by us all and boat loads of passengers for the last month. The island isn’t a great place to raise ducklings because of all of the duckling eating gulls so the female will take them all off to the Fife coast, 6 miles away, within a few days of hatching. P1110586 P1110594

The guillemot and razorbill chicks are hatching out left right and centre on the cliffs and will start leaving the ledges 3 weeks after hatching . I saw this razorbill egg starting to hatch yesterday, you can see the flakes of egg shell and the flaps that the chick is pushing up. The parents didn’t quite seem to know what to make of it. Another of those little daily dramas that we are so lucky to be able to observe.

P1110736 P1110739

The puffins are now carrying fish back for their chicks. More and more everyday. The airspace over the island sometimes can seem at maximum capacity on some days with so many birds on the wing, a job no air traffic controller would want to take on.  here are a few sitting on top of the puffin observation hide, making it difficult for them to be observed.

P1110740 So if you are planning to visit the isle of May to see the islands seabirds, don’t leave it too late, start making plans now.


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