Isle of May Seabird Open Day x 2


As previous years Seabird Open Days have been so successful, this year we have doubled it and having a Seabird Open Weekend. So on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 June you can come over to the island and find out more than you ever thought you wanted to know about the seabirds of the Isle of May.


Storytelling in the horn


Not only will there be the spectacle of 200 000 seabirds to take in but dotted around the island will be experts that work with these special birds who can answer any question you can thrown at them and tell you things about the birds that you couldn’t have imagined.  We even have some films made by shags that you can watch.  Using small cameras attached to them the shags have gone about their business and created small snapshots of their daily lives on film. How cool is that?

And in between all that knowledge accumulation you can calm down a bit with some songs and stories in the atmospheric South Horn and if you are really in the groove you can have your face painted in your favourite seabird.  These days have got to be some of the best open days you can go to in Scotland!


A shag

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