Isle of May NNR Seabird Open Weekend – the pictures


The dust is now settling on a fantastic weekend on the May, our first ever Seabird open weekend. For both Saturday and Sunday visitors on the boats got the chance  to speak to some of the islands seabird researchers and find out some of the details of these special birds lives.

Carrie and Mark were up at Lady’s Bed and South Horn viewpoint respectively with telescopes focused on birds. Mark was lucky enough to be able to show people a guillemot chick  hatching.

P1110926 P1110920

Meanwhile in the new visitor centre Sarah was showing shag movies made by temporarily fitting small cameras on to shags to film them going about their daily lives. The cameras work under water as well so visitors were able to watch a shag fishing trip and one of the birds flying back to the island.


Becky and Sarah had scopes pointed at the terns showing off our new tern chicks.


In the South Horn Claire was telling wonderful seabird stories and Jenny and Grant were filling the horn will great music.

P1110916 P1110919

And not to be out done the face painters Susan and June were painting up a storm, even Alex, the skipper from the May Princess was caught and painted.

P1110927 P1110931It is a mandrill of course.

All in all a great couple of days with people also enjoying the new visitor centre and just sampling this very special island.

P1110937P1110944A happy and well painted team.

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