The grand opening of the new Isle of May visitor centre


P1110964P1110969We had a bit of a celebration yesterday as the new visitor centre building was officially opened by Simon Pepper, SNH Board member with a raft of people watching including the builders, the architects, some SNH bigwigs,  boat operators, volunteers and some staff and researchers as well.
P1110973The crowd watchered as a ribbon was cut, the doors opened and for many of the special guests it was their first time to see a building that they had already heard so much about. Many had been involved indirectly in the process of building it, while others had been involved directly but hadn’t seen the building in use serving its purpose.

P1110180 P1110013 P1110510 P1110063

So it was a fantastic day with full boats of visitors, the island crammed to the gunwales with seabirds and best of all the terns putting on a fantastic display right in front of the deck.

P1120007 P1120017Though there were some that thought that the cake to celebrate the opening of the building was the highlight!


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