Flowers of the May – we’re not just birds

When you come out to the island I am going to suggest you do something a bit radical, try dragging your eyes away from the stunning and breathtaking seabird spectacle, not for long, but long enough to take in the plant covering of the island. For thosewho have missed it or can’t make it out to the island consider this a bit of a tour of the island.

IMG_0629 The island is looking a bit shaggy at the moment. A combination of few rabbits, a mild winter, warm weather, lots of sun and plenty of rain means that the plant life on the island has grown like never before. For those familiar with the island it gives a very different view, for those visiting it gives a multitude of visual pleasures if you take the chance to look.

IMG_0589Even the yorkshire fog and sorrel covering has a subtle beauty about it.

And the amazing carpet of thrift is still in flower in places with silverweed  filling gaps.

IMG_0665 P1110673And take a chance to have a close look at the rocks. The miniature lichen gardens dotted with stonecrop flowers is worth a quick study.IMG_0626 IMG_0622

Up at the Beacon on the top of the island the henbane has gone wild. We have never seen quite so much of it. The unusual flowers are not everyone’s cup of tea and certainly it has an unusual perfume, that of very old, wet socks.

P1110677Even the very common hogweed is looking stunning. Its flowers are like airports for insects and are absolutely humming with activity and seen in a great patch it gives the island a fantastic covering. IMG_0670 IMG_0651 IMG_0658 IMG_0662 IMG_0649So remeember it is not just birds out here, there is so much else to see.

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