Seen and done

There is a lot going on on the island at the moment, lots of visitors, some striking weather and loads of chicks about. Here are some of the sights of the last couple of days. IMG_0004 IMG_0822There have been some breathtaking puffin days recently. Visitors have been able to fill their boots with them. Even the puffin mad visitors that wesometimes get have been going home sated.

IMG_0843 IMG_0846There are plenty of gull chicks around the paths, these are some of the cuter kind, as they get older they take on more of a less cute,  “dinosaur ” look.

P1120145 P1120134Visitor boats have been full, the May Princess and the RIB Osprey have taken advantage of the fine weather to make trip after trip.


There have been some fantastic mornings, this was my view from the tern hide on an early watch. P1120107 And some dramatic evenings, this the view from South Ness looking back towards to island.
IMG_0866And then there are the odd things you see that get you through the day. A herring gull sitting proud on one of the Kirkhaven navigation markers .IMG_0884 The kittiwake roosts are building up and they are great at creating 3-D poo works of art. IMG_0840 And a lone female eider marches purposefully up from the sea at Kirkhaven, she knew exactly where she wanted to go even though it was right through the tern colony. What a place. P1120110

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