Tern chicks – fish-eating machines

IMG_0966The terns and their chicks are giving lots of pleasure at the moment both to us and the visitors on the island.


The parents are working incredibly hard to feed their chicks. A few still have 3 in a brood and we can see parent birdss flying in almost continually with fish, sometimes not actually landing but dropping a fish into the mouth of a hungry chick and flying straight back out to sea.


This tern looks huge but is actually keeping a couple of chicks warm underneath.


Many of the chicks are using the tern shelters that Becky and Sarah have made for cover away from the predatory gulls.


The view looking out from the visitor centre deck is fabulous, a mass of tern adults and chicks amongst the sea mayweed.


Some of the chicks are not shy in coming forward demanding food.They are just fish eating machines at the moment.


The fish seems to be good this year so the chicks are growing at an incredible rate. Some are starting to get proper feathers and we hope to see the first few fledge by the end of this week.

IMG_0416It is now a race against time, the chicks racing to get feathers are start flying so that they have a better chance of getting away from the gulls. We are working hard to help the chicks as much as possible and at the moment we are keeping our fingers crossed that good numbers will fledge. We will keep you posted on the blog.


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