Greenface is one of the places that I always recommend to visitors to go and see, as for me it is one of the most spectacular sites on the island. It opens up at your feet as you approach the viewpoint like a seabird amphitheatre. And there is always something to see there so well worth spending a few minutes if you are passing. I do all the time. IMG_1059There is still a spectacular number of birds at the Greenface cliff despite some of the guillemot and razorbill chicks leaving their ledges and heading out to sea with their Dads.

IMG_1072 IMG_1045The kittiwakes started late this season but at least at some of the cliff faces many have chicks that need to be fed. Most of the nests below the Greenface viewpoint have chicks of various sizes.

Some of the nests are pretty precarious, the chicks having a tiny area to live on. These chicks have to shuffle backwards to the edge and point their bum over the edge to poo without falling off.


It can be hard to know what it is like to live on the ledge on a vertical cliff but this view looking straight down gives you a bit of an idea.


As the sun comes up at Greenface the shadow gradually recedes warming up the birds on their ledges with their first rays of the day.

IMG_1116 IMG_1113And then along the top of the cliffs, not to be left out, there are always the puffins.




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