Island swallows

P1110067We are delighted to have swallows back breeding again on the island for the 3rd year running after a gap of 12 years. Things haven’t gone smoothly for them this year with an adult of one pair attempting to breed in the wash house found dead. The other 2 pairs breeding tried various locations before settling down in different buildings to previous years. One pair is nesting in the new coal shed but the other in making things more difficult for themselves as they have nested in the quad bike shed. The doors for this building are kept shut for most of the time so the only way in and out is through ventilation slots in the wall. These are only about 10cm wide and yet a swallows wingspan is about 26cm so to come and go the swallows must fold their wings and dive through the slot at speed. And they must be very good at it as the 4 hungry chicks in the nest today take some feeding!

P1120201 P1120186

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