Puffling season

IMG_1187We are in the middle of the puffling season at the moment and pufflings are turning up all over the island. The puffin chicks have to leave their burrows in the night and walk to the sea while trying to avoid being eaten by the gulls. As they aren’t very good at flying this is a bit of a struggle, even more so this year with there being such a tangle of vegetation.  It means that some don’t make it to the sea by morning and we find them in all sorts of places round the island, even on the doorstep or in the cottages. If we find one we box them up in a cool building until we have a batch of them when they are ringed and taken to the cliff tops. There they are released where they have plenty of height and a breeze in the face to give them lift and they can then glide down to the sea, away from the island and its gulls. And that is it, they are then on their own with no parents to look after them they use their instinct to dive and catch fish right from the off.  When we release them our big hope is that they make it back to the island to breed in 4-5 years time.


This one was found on my doorstep.

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