The island production line

IMG_1232The island production line is in full flow with chicks all over the place. All of the hard work of the birds that started back in April and May is now coming to fruition. This is the bottom line for many species; how many chicks are fledged?

So for the island human residents it is a busy time ringing chicks as this might give us important information in the future about the survival of this years island crop.

The shag team are still roaming around the island ringing the prehistoric shag chicks with a metal ring on one foot and a lettered and coloured plastic ring on the other.

P1120234 P1120238Most exciting of all we have ringing some tern chicks this year, the first to have been ringed since 2008. Though it is too early to say for certain the signs are that we will have a good number of tern chicks so we decided to ring a few. In 2 small teams we quickly moved into the colony to just ring any chicks that we could easily find but in the end there were so many that 59 were rung, more than the previous 10 years put together. P1120256

P1120259Meanwhile up on the South and North plateaus the gulls have plenty of chicks so we have had a couple of gull ringing expeditions as well.  A great chance to get some hands on young birds with the hope that maybe many years down the line some of these rings will turn up again.

P1120244 P1120247

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