Lifeboat at the May – The Forth Emergency Service


A very excited team on the Anstruther lifeboat.


The island from the north.

A special day today on the May. Unannounced, both Anstruther RNLI lifeboats turned up, the inshore inflatable one and the big one. It turned out they were on a joint training exercise and as it was such a nice day the stopped off on the island. One thing lead to another and they decided they wanted to have a look around the new Visitor Centre and the old lighthouse engine room which we were only too glad to do. And in return they offered us a quick tour round the island. It would be hard to imagine anyone accepting an offer like this more readily than we did. There were only 6 of us on (2 went off later the afternoon) and with so many men in uniform the girls were especially excited.  So we piled on and headed off on a flat calm sea with no wind and plenty of sun. To say these boats are impressive is an understatement, they are both impressive pieces of kit and in the hands of experts. And for us it is good to get a different perspective on the island. We get very used to seeing the island for our own limited on shore angle so to get around under the cliffs is always exciting.

P1120420 P1120423 P1120427 P1120435

On the island we are great fans of the lifeboat service. Over the years we have had a number of big and small emergencies where the lifeboat has come to the rescue. From boat breakdowns to broken ankles and femurs, it makes a huge difference knowing that close by there are experts to deal with these incidents. To show our appreciation over the years we have passed on a number of donations to them and often include the RNLI in our sweep stakes for the Eurovision Song Contest and the World Cup. For this years World Cup the lifeboat boys drew England which didn’t impress them until they heard that actually all the money ends up going to them, regardless who wins.  Even more impressive is one of the seabird researchers, Sarah Burthe, who ran the London Marathon this year and raised in the process a fantastic £2500 pounds for the RNLI.  It is only when you live in a situation such as we do, 6 miles out in the North Sea, that you really appreciate what an amazing job these volunteers do.  So many thanks Anstruther RNLI lifeboat for just being there, for coming to our aid when needed and for the fantastic trip this morning!

P1120442 P1120440

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