Fish box salad


Like an article in Country Living – not a comparison that happens often on the Isle of May

The fish boxes that we set up with soil and island compost at the beginning of the season are now in full production. They are producing nearly all the salad that we eat at the moment with little gem lettuce, mizuna, rocket, coriander and radishes all tasting great. This year the boxes have worked especially well and some say that it is the warm, and not windy conditions with bits of rain at just the right time but I put it down to all the dead puffins and shags that the researchers threw in the compost bin. Certainly the tailor load of seaweed that I threw in the compost at the end of last season couldn’t have done any harm. Either way it is very satisfying and I am looking forward to harvesting the island garlic soon.


Different types of lettuce.


Coriander, radishes and garlic

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