This week I have mostly been looking at ……

To give you an idea of what the island is like at the moment this is what I (and the visitors) have been mostly looking at ……

We have been having some fantastic puffin days with thousands on the island.  Many are non-breeding youngsters back on the island for some socialising and checking out potential  burrows and mates.

IMG_1280 IMG_1360 P1120568

On the cliffs the late breeding kittiwakes are the main show now.  Any sort of westerly wind and they are riding the updraughts by the cliff tops looking like they are really enjoying themselves.


Of the other cliff nesters the razorbills and guillemots are thinning out with just a few late breeders on the ledges.  Many of the shag chicks have left their nests and fledged but a few pairs are still feeding chicks. P1120570P1120580


There have been plenty of visitors coming over to enjoy the island, in all weathers, plenty of sun, a bit of rain and yesterday thick fog.

P1120592 P1120524 P1120610P1120515IMG_1334The terns continue to defend their colony adding drama to an already exciting visit and encouraging people to use whatever defence is at hand.

There have been huge numbers of fish close into the island that the birds have been tucking into. Most spectacular is seeing flocks of gannets from Bass Rock diving for fish right under the cliffs.

gannet diving IMG_1390 P1120588The gull chicks are all along the paths.  They vary in a varied state of dress, some fully feathered others going from down to plummage.


P1120562The dramatic weather has given us some fantastic sights, here the top of the South Horn turns pink as it catches the last rays of the day.


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