We Need Your Help!


Minke Whale are one of the most common cetceans seen around the May along with Harbour Porpoise.

From 26th July to 3rd August the Isle of May will be taking part in the National Whale and Dolphin watch and we are inviting people to come across and join in. We will have a spotting scope set up for visitors to use and if you have your own please bring it along to help us out. Don’t worry if you are not an expert we have ID sheets to hand, the more eyes looking the better!

This is an nationwide watch that is being held all week organised by the Sea Watch Foundation with watchers looking out for cetaceans all around our coast line. The aim is to get a picture of the different species and the numbers that are present around the seas of the UK. So even if we don’t spot anything that is still valuable information.

As well as from the May itself, a good place to look for cetaceans is from the boats when heading out to the island. So everyone get your eyes on the seas and let’s hope for something spectacular! Killer Whales? Humpbacks? Who knows? Why not come along and see what we can see.

For more information about the watch go to:


Sea Watch Foundation NWDW flyer 2014 (2)

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