The sea watch continues!

photo (1)

In the past few days we have been looking and looking for cetaceans out at sea! We’ve had lots of help from visitors so thank you for coming out and gazing out into the open ocean with us. After a lot of effort and long shifts, today we finally spotted our first cetacean of the watch: a single Harbour Porpoise seen from the new visitor centre. It surfaced a couple of times before diving down, with one lucky visitor able to see it with us.

We had spotted another earlier in the week but that was in the morning and no visitors managed to see it; so we count this as our first cetacean success with the public. We have been doing public watches during the past few days but the weather has been very hit and miss. The wind had picked up the last couple of days making it challenging to see a fin between the waves. However, today, the weather eased, conditions were good and hey presto…. we saw a fin!!

At this time of year there is always the chance of seeing more unusual marine creatures. With Basking Shark, Minke Whale and even Killer Whale all recorded in the waters around the May, why not come out and help us in our seawatch extravaganza?

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