And the results are in!

So we have completed our sea watch week and what an end! The lucky visitors who left on the May Princess on the 1st August saw a pod of 30-40 Bottlenose Dolphins not too far from Anstruther Harbour. They had been seen earlier that morning so all eyes were peeled and luckily they picked them up! Unfortunately it was too far from the island for us to spot them but we were happy that our visitors managed to witness these magical animals.

 Overall in the week we saw four Harbour Porpoise from the island, with the May Princess spotting eight harbour Porpoise and the group of Bottlenose Dolphins. Not bad considering we had a couple of days of rough seas which made it difficult to see anything surfacing between the waves.


Minke Whale off the May!

 Around the coast of the UK many sightings have been reported already, with Killer Whales off Scotland, Risso’s Dolphins off Wales and lots of records of Minke Whale and Harbour Porpoise around the entire coast. Go to the Seawatch Foundation website for a list of all the sightings and see what’s about in your area.

These sightings of marine creatures can give us an insight into the health of our coastal habitats and they are indicators of a thriving eco-system (as well as being brilliant to watch!). It not just this specific week that we watch the sea either, it is all year round we keep an eye out for cetaceans as you never know what might pop up!

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