Jack of all trades!

As the breeding season is drawing to an end, we have more time on our hands now we have completed all the counting and monitoring. This means we are able to concentrate on island maintenance, from strimming paths to painting and building steps and structures. Last week Becky and myself constructed a shelving unit for the new visitor centre store room, the instruction sheet said it would only take 15 minutes but alas 40 minutes later it was complete.

becky paint

Becky hard at work

We have also been getting our way through the massive wood pile of off cuts from the old visitor centre. We’ve been chopping it up for fire wood and saving the bigger pieces for further use on the island; we recycle everything here.


We shouldn’t go cold!

The door up in the top wall garden by the main light has been newly fitted and Rob; our new volunteer; has been stripping it and he’s going to paint it a camouflage green colour so it will fit in with the other doors on the island.


Rob adding the undercoat

Other land management jobs we are undertaking are strimming paths for the visiting public and fixing various steps and small bridges around the island.

bex strim

Managing the vegetation

This is what makes our job so varied, going from talking to and educating the public about the islands history and wildlife, to counting the birds and then the maintenance side of things. No two days are the same out here, whether it be the weather changing, the number and different species of birds or the number of seals on the island. As the autumn approaches, migrant birds are starting to pass through, so we really never know what’s around the next corner!

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