The state of the island – mid August 2014

So what does the island look like at the moment in mid August?
Well it is looking a bit shaggy. The vegetation has started to die off after growing unchecked by rabbits all season giving it a bit of a savannah look, I keep expecting to see a herd of wildebeests go by.
P1120688 P1120708But there is always soemthing to see on the island whatever time of year you go, and always a little surprise. The last few days we have been having big spring tides, big enough to cover the top jetty for a short while. Those who wanted to get on the boat early to grab a seat and a cuppa had to take their shoes off and do a little wading.

Meanwhile the weather has been a bit changeable with big Bertha causing a bit of a blow but yesterday wheen all around us were getting soaked the island was bathed in warm sunshine.

And what is happening with the seabirds?  We will bring you more details on how the seabird season has gone later but in meantime even in mid August there is still some seabird action at the end of this remarkable season. The kittiwakes how started so late are still on the cliffs but with lots of fledged chicks. The are the ones with black on their wings and can be sen stil begging for food from their parents and trying out those new wings of theirs. P1120807 P1120798 The fulmers, as ever going under the radar next to their noisy neighbours have chicks that are starting to resemble adults.  The white fluffy down is gradually being replaced by adult feathers but they are looking a bit untidy at the moment. P1120796 There is still a few terns around Kirkhaven and the Beacon, mostly adults feeding recently fledged chicks but all making enough noise to make you think there are a lot more. It won’t be long before they head off south on their mammoth trip. P1120739 And puffins? Again there are still a very few adults still feeding late chicks but they are very hard to see as they mostly come in in the morning and evening. Yesterday I found a puffling stuck in some nettles so took him up to the cliff top. As it was still blowing a hoolie rather than throw it off I just let him still on the edge and he went when he was ready, making a very creditable first flight and got a good distance away from the island.  So as ever there is still plenty to see so how about making the trip?P1120713







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