2 minute beach clean

This is the results of a quick beach clean at Pilgrims Haven on the Isle of May today. It is mostly plastic, the bulk being about 40 plastic bottles of various sorts. We clean the beaches on the island regularly because the rubbish is a hazard to the wildlife and the visitors don’t like to see a special place for wildlife covered in other peoples rubbish.

But now there is a way you can get involved in saving wildlife and cleaning the beaches you visit. There is a campaign called 2 minute beach clean started by Martin Dorey who decided to spend 2 minutes picking up rubbish everytime he visits a beach and then disposing of the rubbish responsibly or recycling it. And the campaign is taking off. People are cleaning up beaches all across the world because of it. You can read more here, or search twitter for 2 minutesbeachclean or check out the beachclean.net website.

Of course it doesn’t cure the problem of avoidable pollution of beaches but I always think that if everyone took sometime to clear up some rubbish they would be more responsible in disposing of their own as they would have a better idea of the mess and impact it causes. So this might be a way of changing peoples behaviour in the long term.  Why not give it a go?

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