No boats today

P1120935P1120929 P1120914 P1120923Yesterday and today have been a bit blowy. After such a fantastic summer where barely a sailing has been missed due to poor weather, suddenly 4 out of the last 7 days have had to be cancelled due to the gales. When it blows like this it makes uncomfortable walking out on the island so you usually end up making sorties to get outside tasks done and then retreat indoors to catch up on paperwork only to get bored again and make another sortie. Usually the bird life keeps their heads down and there isn’t much to see though the seals seem to enjoy frolicking in the surf.  Luckily the weather is looking a lot better for the rest of the week so hopefully we should be welcoming more visitors over the the jewel of the Forth tomorrow onwards. P1120881

A seal messing around in the surf.


The kittiwakes have tucked themselves away from the worst of the wind, clinging to their nesting ledges.



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