Calling all carpenter / joiners

Any joiners or carpenters out there who fancy volunteering for a week out on the island?

We need some new furniture for our wonderful new visitor centre and have the wood for it but just need to get someone to make it up. The existing touch table and leaflet racks are nicely made but were made up d from all sorts of scrap wood (even driftwood) found around the island, but now we would like something that better fits the grand new building. We would also like a table to replace the rather tatty trestle table that we are currently using.
I have stock piled a large pile of wood left over from the building of the visitor centre that we can use to match the furniture to the building. So anyone out there with the skills to turn it into some high quality furniture?

The deal would be that SNH would pay for your boats to and from the island, you get to stay in the luxurious (!) lighthouse keepers cottages on the island and get to enjoy the island when all the visitors leave, a very special experience. All you need to bring is some tools (we have some but probably not enough for quality joinery) and some food.

If you have the sills and are interested send an email to me at

And please pass onto friends and contacts.

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