Back in the groove

P1120993P1120997 It is good to be back in the groove again. With the may princess missing 5 days of landing visitors and the RIBs all having to cancel boats because of the weather we have now had a couple of days of normal crossings. The first day that the May Princess made it over only a few brave souls braved the rain for some sunny intervals on the island.

And amongst them were some visitors with very interesting stories. One lady had a great grandmother who was born on the island to a lighthouse keeper in the 1890’s. It was a busy time for the island with the expansion of the numbers of lighthouse keepers to 7 and their families to man the newly built engine room. This had been constructed to power the first electrically powered lighthouse in Scotland and to house the extra keepers Fluke Street was built. At the same time the South horn was also built so it must have been a busy time on the island.

Another visitor had traced their family tree back even further, they were related to Alexander Cunningham, the local Crail landowner who’s family had bought the island in 1570 and conceived the idea and built Scotland’s first lighthouse, the Beacon . Unfortunately tradition had it that Alexander was drowned in a shipwreck on his way back from the island but his son carried on the management of the lighthouse until the family sold it in 1672.  This part of the Cunningham family eventually ended in Norway and this lady had made the trip to retrace her families footsteps.


I must say that when the May Princess set off for home the signs looked ominous for history repeating itself as she headed right into a huge black cloud of rain but I can report that the May Princess and Alexander Cunnigham’s descendant made it back to the mainland safely.P1120998

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