Island swallows – 2nd time round

P1110070 P1120965
Despite the season moving on and the temperatures dropping our island swallows are still frantically feeding chicks. Both pairs that bred earlier in the year have had a second brood. One pair have 4 chicks that we ringed a couple of days ago, the other pair have only just hatched. This means that it will be towards the end of September before they will have fledged. It is a race against time for them to build up enough energy and fat reserves to fly all the way to South Africa by December. We certainly don’t seem short of flies out here at the moment, their progeny are making short work of all of the carcasses on the island and the little buzzers are making their presence felt in the cottages but for the swallows sake (not ours) we hope that there will be plenty of flies around for another few weeks.

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