Yesterday on the May

IMG_1650Just a taste of the day on the May

The day started for me with a walk up to the Mainlight where an adult peregrine was hanging on the wind in a fashion that only they can do, effortless but powerful.
IMG_1612The autumn bird migration is just ticking over at the moment but of interest this morning were 3 wheatears and a flock of about 40 tree sparrows.
Once the visitors arrived they were treated to Alex, the skipper of the May Princess receiving the ice bucket challenge, helped ably by the other boat skippers Brian and Roy.

After being very quiet the seal numbers are just starting to pick up with several groups of very well fed individuals around the Maidens. It is only another 3 weeks before we start keeping an eye out for the first pups of the season.
A fabulous sunset rounded off the day but things were finished because a midnight trip down to the Lowlight for some storm petrel netting gave us the chance to get up close to one of these mysterious birds.




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