The One and Only Manxie!


This year has been another successful season for our one pair of Manx Shearwaters that have taken up residence during the spring/summer, as they have reared another chick on the island. They are a rare breeding bird on the east coast and as far as we know, the Isle of May hosts the only breeding pair on this side of the country (apart from Orkney). These birds are incredible, migrating thousands of miles to spend the winter off the coast of South America.


Still with some down but that will soon go, as it prepares to fledge.

David and Margret Thorne have yet again spent several weeks out here to find and monitor the Manx burrow, showing a great amount of dedication and determination. They take recordings and sit out at night noting the movements of the adults and the number of feeds. Today they said goodbye to the chick as they ringed the little fluffy-bellied beast and weighed it for the last time. It will probably be another one or two weeks before the chick actually fledges but it is now at a stage where it is big enough and strong enough to survive.

The pair have had good success in recent years and as Manx Shearwaters can live for over 50 years, let’s hope they keep on coming back and bring more birds with them!

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