Whats Behind the Doors?

Don’t forget that this weekend coming is the Fife Doors open day (in our case weekend) and we will be allowing access into some of the Lighthouse buildings. So this a great chance to see the inside of the Lighthouse Keepers cottages and imagine what it would have been like to live out here all year round, growing your own vegetables and raising chickens to live off.P1120706

Take a look in the first Lighthouse in Scotland, the Beacon, built in 1636 to make it safer for ships sailing in and out of the Firth of Forth. It also has a sad story with a happy ending so come out and see what that maybe…


The Lowlight and Tower will be open so you can view the island from a different angle from up in the tower.


The Engine Room and various other smaller work rooms will be open to see the mechanics of running a lighthouse and foghorns. See the tools that were literally left in place by the last keepers before the light was fully automated.

It will be a weekend of history and looking back at all the people that have made sailing around these waters safe!

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